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Compliment of the year!

Reading one of my articles on the Conrad Black trial, my friend Eamonn Rafferty sent me this email:

'Can't decide whether you're for or agin’ Conrad; probably the former, but in a less-than-unequivocal way, if so. I think I shall submit the following neologism for consideration to the OED:

undudleyedwards, n, adj, vb int

uncharacteristic equivocation in matters of opinion, discourse and argumentation.

Usage: (adj) "He took a very undudleyedwards approach for the sake of world peace."

n: "She was a bit undudleyedwards - what could be wrong?"

Also, slang:n

undudleypussy: term of abuse within rap and hip-hop musical genres to denote person who dilutes lryics of songs to avoid censorship, as in "Yo, muthafuckin' undudleypussy.”'

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