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7 Dec 08 The passion that saved so many Sunday Independent
7 Dec 08 The young are breaking free of Rising myths Sunday Independent
30 Nov 08 Pardon me, Mr President, but I'm entirely innocent Sunday Independent
23 Nov 08 We get the leaders we deserve, after all Sunday Independent
9 Nov 08 In search of a silver lining in cloud of McCain defeat Sunday Independent
19 Oct 08 McCain -- national punchbag for crisis the Democrats created Sunday Independent
14 Sept 08 Obama blinks as McCain camp turns up the heat Sunday Independent
3 Sept 08 Are we Mad? Every organ of the state now seems intent on protecting those who would destroy us

Daily Mail

31 Aug 08 McCain wrong-footed Obama with his choice of running mate Sunday Independent
24 Aug 08 Getting the inside track on Conrad Black Sunday Independent
17 Aug 08 A monument to compromise Sunday Independent
10 Aug 08 Stop nagging O'Leary about cups of tea Sunday Independent
3 Aug 08 Black's searing views from jail cell Sunday Independent
27 Jul 08 Karadzic, the terrible poet with lust for gore Sunday Independent
20 Jul 08 Mosely's racy sex life has no place in public arena Sunday Independent
6 Jul 08 Irishness can be a many splendoured thing Sunday Independent
29 Jun 08 If you think our troubles are over, then think again Sunday Independent
15 Jun 08 Iris may be a bigot but she's not a killer Sunday Independent
13 Jun 08 Why, today, I'm proud to be Irish Daily Mail
12 Jun 08 No one's had more from the EU than the Irish. So why have so many of them turned against Brussels? Daily Mail
11 Jun 08 The 'No's are sneaking it in Ireland The Spectator Blog
8 Jun 08 Hilary is disarmed but now needs to be appeased Sunday Independent
31 May 08 Finance Ministers Sunday Independent
25 May 08 God help us all in the face of militant secularists Sunday Independent
18 May 08 That's just too much information, Cherie Sunday Independent
11 May 08 Hillary lost the day she courted the 'redneck' vote Sunday Independent
4 May 08 Boris is the boss because Red Ken lost green vote
20 Apr 08 Hillary goes all-out for last chance at White House Sunday Independent
7 Apr 08 Whatever the verdict, the Omagh bombing trial is a triumph for courage Daily Mail
30 Mar 08 'Wow' factor on the world stage -- no, not you, Sarko Sunday Independent
23 Mar 08 Una O'Donoghue Sunday Independent
23 Mar 08 Mills, a vindictive liar living in world of 'make believe' Sunday Independent
16 Mar 08 Democrat race to get dirtier Sunday Independent
10 Mar 08 Will Labour's Catholic ministers have the guts to follow their conscience over fertility bill? Daily Mail
9 Mar 08 Crime and punishment with grace Sunday Independent
5 Mar 08 Shed no tears for this roaring bigot. He did what he did for Ian Paisley — not for peace Daily Mail
24 Feb 08 How sad old Fayed lost the plot Sunday Independent
17 Feb 08 Conrad Black: how to go down in style Sunday Independent
10 Feb 08 My kind of guy when it comes to fighting terrorism Sunday Independent
3 Feb 08 Nasty Bill's dirty tricks may wreck Hillary's bid Sunday Independent
27 Jan 08 Look at the implications and join sceptics in my bed Sunday Independent
20 Jan 08 If Bertie thinks he has it tough, he should try public life in UK Sunday Independent
13 Jan 08 Riding on coat-tails of experience, crying crocodile tears Sunday Independent
6 Jan 08 Simple friendship beats fame's glitter Sunday Independent
6 Jan 08 Wogan deserves all his cash, and a peace prize Sunday Independent



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Extracts from REVIEWS of Ruth's latest non-fiction book:

Aftermath – the Omagh bomging and the families' pursuit of justice

"This vital, powerful book tells a story of loss, resilience and terrorism... this book... recounts a remarkable story of victims’ resilience and vindication, and deserves to be very widely read."
Irish Times

"Ruth Dudley Edwards' account of the Omagh bomb is all the more heartbreaking for her mastery of the small human details... Its portrayal of cruelty and suffering is relevant far beyond Ireland. It should be compulsory reading for everyone – terrorists and state forces – contemplating planting, or dropping, a bomb in conflict."
Sunday Tribune
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