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25 Dec 11 A triumphant year when we were finally cured of Anglophobia Sunday Independent
18 Dec 11 NIck and Dave still wedded Sunday Independent
11 Dec 11 Newt is more of a one-night-stand man than a keeper Sunday Independent
4 Dec 11 Harrowing stories of cruel hounding and trial by media Sunday Independent
27 Nov 11 Psychopaths in the press can poison public mind Sunday Independent
20 Nov 11 Liberal media play judge in ultimate reality show Sunday Independent
13 Nov 11 Obama 'dirty tricks' hurt Cain's chances Sunday Independent
6 Nov 11 Cain is well able to win the White House nomination Sunday Independent
30 Oct 11 Gloves off as Black lands sucker punch on Murdoch Sunday Independent
24 Oct 11 Martin McGuinness is a convicted terrorist yet he could be elected Ireland's new president Daily Telegraph
23 Oct 11 Review of our sex laws must be fully informed Sunday Independent
16 Oct 11 Victims of Troubles haven't gone away, you know Sunday Independent
9 Oct 11 We're finally of the one mind -- but still clueless Sunday Independent
2 Oct 11 Why luvvies should stick to the day job Sunday Independent
25 Sept 11 All hail Zara, patron saint of stiff upper lip Sunday Independent
18 Sept 11 Doherty perpetuates 'ethnic racism' myth Sunday Independent
11 Sept 11 Our unlovely peasant traits at the root of our ills Sunday Independent
4 Sept 11 RB McDowell Sunday Independent
4 Sept 11 Complain about Traveller sites in the UK and you're called a racist Sunday Independent
28 Aug 11 Philanderer DSK casts Berlusconi in a better light Sunday Independent
21 Aug 11 Murdoch's family, newspapers and money all at risk Sunday Independent
14 Aug 11 Two fingers from a society of babyfathers and child mothers Sunday Independent
7 Aug 11 'Spoiled children' play the blame-game at fever pitch Sunday Independent
31 July 11 US can't cut it in debt debate without making savings Sunday Independent
17 July 11 Murdoch's empire under threat after sun sets on his 'World' Sunday Independent
10 July 11 Breaking away from the herd Sunday Independent
3 July 11 Black is unbowed by latest episode in prison drama Sunday Independent
26 June 11 Gaza-bound vessel really a ship of fools Sunday Independent
19 June 11 Vindictive prosecutors put Black to the sword Sunday Independent
12 June 11 Royals have learnt from their mistakes Sunday Independent
5 June 11 Confidentiality no longer exists Sunday Independent
29 May 11 It should be Imogen Thomas who sues Sunday Independent
22 May 11 I'm proud to be Irish - and I'm proud to be British too Sunday Independent
17 May 11 Why the Irish love the Queen Mirror
15 May 11 Ireland prepares for what was recently unthinkable - welcoming a British Queen Daily Telegraph
15 May 11 Super-gags virtually dead in Twitterland Sunday Independent
1 May 11 Top hack has only himself to blame for current suffering Sunday Independent
24 April 11 Judges gag the press to shield the rich and famous Sunday Independent
17 April 11 Veil has no place in any dealings with the public Sunday Independent
14 April 11 Who's to blame for fractured Britain? Daily Telegraph
10 April 11 Legitimising the events of 1916 fraught with danger Sunday Independent
3 April 11 Killers who still claim history is on their side Daily Mail
3 April 11 Stop the self-delusion and bring on nuclear energy Sunday Independent
3 April 11 H.R.F Keating Sunday Independent
27 Mar 11 Rwandan genocide still haunts Clinton Sunday Independent
20 Mar 11 Obama has 40 million reasons to visit here Sunday Independent
6 Mar 11 Queen's visit poses tricky dilemma for Adams Sunday Independent
27 Feb11 Irish Election: Fury drove mass desertion from Fianna Fail Daily Telegraph
20 Feb11 A university must never be a factory Sunday Independent
13 Feb11 Sinner Silvio is a true guilty pleasure Sunday Independent
6 Feb11 Cringing over Baron Von Provo's ignoble mutterings Sunday Independent
30 Jan 11 Britain's favourite Irishman is a credit to both his countries Sunday Independent
16 Jan 11 Obama rises to the challenge of Tucson Sunday Independent
9 Jan 11 Aping EastEnders style sees Archers miss their target Sunday Independent
2 Jan 11 So who should we expel from Ireland? Sunday Independent
2 Jan 11 Kevin Boyle Sunday Independent



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Extracts from REVIEWS of Ruth's latest non-fiction book:

Aftermath – the Omagh bomging and the families' pursuit of justice

"She is one of the most important contemporary writers on Ireland and this is compulsive reading... the entire work is an Irish masterpiece." 

"Dudley Edwards’ finely-researched book benefits from her own proximity to the events and her personal knowledge of the protagonists - the hitherto ordinary people - who took on the Real IRA in the courts, even though there was no precedent anywhere in the world for what they sought to achieve. For anyone interested in this chilling area of recent Irish history, Aftermath is recommended reading."
Sunday Business Post

"It is a remarkable and moving story, told in masterly fashion by Ruth Dudley Edwards. Her narrative grips from the start. It is as compelling as a thriller and displays the sympathetic imagination of a great novel... This is an extraordinary and uplifting story of how a group of ordinary people managed to get the justice they sought. It is beautifully told."

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