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17 April 2017 Gerry Adams could learn a lesson in moral courage from the late Bishop Richmond Belfast Telegraph
10 April 2017 Alliance styles itself the voice of rerason, but is a leading force of intolerance on City Council Belfast Telegraph
9 April 2017 Trojan horse of republicanism can't hide truth about Troubles Sunday Independent
3 April 2017 History tells us the resolute Mr Reiss may be just the man to knock a few heads together at Stormont Belfast Telegraph
1 April 2017 The unvarnished truth about women in power Belfast Telegraph
30 March 2017 Gerry Adams never wastes a crisis Prospect Magazine
27 March 2017 Ruth Dudley Edwards: McGuinness asked how I'd deal with the Northern Ireland situation: 'I'd intern you and Adams,' I said Belfast Telegraph
26 March 2017 Sinn Fein badly damaged by loss of Martin McGuinness Sunday Independent
23 March 2017 Will Bill Clinton spare a thought for IRA victims? Belfast Telegraph
21 March 2017 Behind the smile, Martin McGuinness was a mass murderer with menace inhis eyes – who only turned to peace when he was beaten Daily Mail
20 March 2017 Thank you for all the laughs, Martina, and for showing us a side Sinn Fein tries to conceal Belfast Telegraph
17 March 2017 Is the sun settingon power-sharing at Stormont? capX
13 March 2017 Why is it right for Dublin to take nationalist line but not for London to take a unionist one? Belfast Telegraph
12 March 2017 Time to call off the lynch mob: the nuns were victims too Sunday Independent
6 March 2017 Northern Ireland elections: more polarisation Prospect Magazine
6 March 2017 Unionists need to start acting like patriots rather than nationalists or war will be lost Belfast Telegraph
4 March 2017 Tribalism wins the day again and it's all just so depressing Belfast Telegraph
27 Feb 2017 Ruth Dudley Edwards: Open letter to Mrs O'Neill — being opposed to republicans does not make one sectartian Belfast Telegraph
26 Feb 2017 Former Archbishop of Dublin was a good man forced into the wrong job Sunday Independent
20 Feb 2017 Clock is ticking for Taoiseach as controversy surrounding whistleblowing garda deepens Belfast Telegraph
13 Feb 2017 Colum Eastwood must change strategy and now adopt a more grown-up attitude to world and local politics Belfast Telegraph
12 Feb 2017 Brendan McGahon refused to stop shaming sneaky regarders Sunday Independent
10 Feb 2017 Omagh relatives brave example of what to do if justice system fails Belfast Telegraph
6 Feb 2017 Nominating McGuinness for a peace prize hasn't helped his own party to bury the past Belfast Telegraph
30 Jan 2017 Jeremy Corbyn has a lengthy track record of defending oppressors, not their victims Belfast Telegraph
29 Jan 2017 Edna Kenny's first duty is to protect our democracy Sunday Independent
23 Jan 2017 Arlene Foster, like Margaret Thatcher, has had to combat misogyny in her political career Belfast Telegraph
20 Jan 2017 Stop talking rubbish Martin McGuinness and try saying sorry instead Belfast Telegraph
16 Jan 2017 Stormont crisis: Northern Ireland is no longer the centre of the universe so forget about looking for help elsewhere Belfast Telegraph
15 Jan 2017 Both the DUP and Sinn Fein have angry supporters to placate Sunday Independent
10 Jan 2017 Gerry Adams entry into the fray turned row toxic — if McGuinness had been well he would have found a way to some kind of compromise Belfast Telegraph
9 Jan 2017 Why Northern Ireland's fragile power sharing is under threat CNN
9 Jan 2017 It's now time to confront the lies told for years about RUC's intrepid Special Branch Belfast Telegraph
2 Jan 2017 Other than the usual suspects, here are some people we could weel do without in 2017 Belfast Telegraph
1 Jan 2017 Grandees require a push if they can't deport themselves Sunday Independent
1 Jan 2017 Miriam O'Callaghan interview on RTE with my brother Owen and me RTE radio



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Extracts from REVIEWS of Ruth's latest non-fiction book:

Aftermath – the Omagh bomging and the families' pursuit of justice

"She is one of the most important contemporary writers on Ireland and this is compulsive reading... the entire work is an Irish masterpiece." 

"Dudley Edwards’ finely-researched book benefits from her own proximity to the events and her personal knowledge of the protagonists - the hitherto ordinary people - who took on the Real IRA in the courts, even though there was no precedent anywhere in the world for what they sought to achieve. For anyone interested in this chilling area of recent Irish history, Aftermath is recommended reading."
Sunday Business Post

"It is a remarkable and moving story, told in masterly fashion by Ruth Dudley Edwards. Her narrative grips from the start. It is as compelling as a thriller and displays the sympathetic imagination of a great novel... This is an extraordinary and uplifting story of how a group of ordinary people managed to get the justice they sought. It is beautifully told."

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