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12 November 2018 A vicious mob is doing its best to discredit one of the greatest thinkers that we have in UK Belfast Telegraph
5 November 2018 IRA informer's actions in foiling arms shipment from mobster saved many lives Belfast Telegraph
4 November 2018 'Mary Lou gets in trouble with Sinn Fein's back-room boys' Sunday Independent
29 October 2018 Backroom boys will be having a quiet word with Mary Lou after disastrous race for presidency Belfast Telegraph
22 October 2018 How a charity established to build peace and support victims succumbed to tribal politics Belfast Telegraph
21 October 2018 Blame adults, not the young, for those tiresome snowflakes Sunday Independent
15 October 2018 If a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, then Brett Kavanaugh is innocent Belfast Telegraph
8 October 2018 Apologists in Sinn Fein need to be reminded that the IRA were killers, not victims Belfast Telegraph
7 October 2018 So why should we vote for Michael D Higgins again? Sunday Independent
2 October 2018 Legacy Scandal: 'London and Dublin must not let IRA snatch victory from jaws of defeat' Belfast News Letter
1 October 2018 Why did the Irish Government decide to boycott commemoration of the police who were murdered? Belfast Telegraph
24 September 2018 Silence over Mairia Cahill from the Left and women's organisations is deafening Belfast Telegraph
23 September 2018 Mairia Cahill, Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O'Neill. Not much sisterhood Sunday Independent
17 September 2018 Sinn Fein colluded over RHI while pretending that its hands were clean Belfast Telegraph
16 September 2018 I say victim, you say perpetrator - a twisted version of facts Sunday Independent
10 September 2018 Donald Trump's decision to visit Ireland is giving Irish politicians real headache on how to react Belfast Telegraph
3 September 2018 Corbyn sounds very much like his pal Adams Belfast Telegraph
26 August 2018 Too early to say if Pope's visit to Ireland will alter anything, such is fury at Church failings Belfast Telegraph
20 August 2018 By launching Feile, Varadkar showed he'd rather woo Sinn Fein than fight republicanism Belfast Telegraph
26 August 2018 We must celebrate diversity of opinion rather than intolerance Sunday Independent
13 August 2018 Sinn Fein gears up for big push to have vote for Irish President extended to the whole diaspora Belfast Telegraph
12 August 2018 Unionists are debating the future - who is listening? Sunday Independent
11 August 2018 Omagh bombing: Families enduring anguish and how quest for justice still goes on Belfast Telegraph
8 August 2018 Angry at Boris? I just feel rage for the women forced to hide away behind the burka Daily Mail
6 August 2018 IRA bully boys just reminded Mary Lou McDonald that they are still in charge Belfast Telegraph
30 July 2018 Varadkar and Coveney have made a huge miscalculation by putting their faith in Brussels Belfast Telegraph
29 July 2018 A bad time to border on hysteria Sunday Independent
23 July 2018 Why Mr Paisley has presented some problems for Mrs May, Mrs Foster and Ms McDonald Belfast Telegraph
20 July 2018 Constance Markievicz was last night commemorated as the first woman elected to parliament... but how many gathered in the Commons knew she was almost certainly a cold-blooded killer? Belfast Telegraph
16 July 2018 Northern Ireland Office's consultation paper on legacy issues is an amoral fudge Belfast Telegraph
15 July 2018 A successful pilot run for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Sunday Independent
9 July 2018 We can't allow terrorists to be seen as the moral equals of legitimate state forces Belfast Telegraph
2 July 2018 Sinn Fein out of step with Irish public opinion in criticism of new Garda boss Drew Harris Belfast Telegraph
1 July 2018 It's hard to please both southern voters and the IRA Sunday Independent
25 June 2018 Contemptuous as ever, the Sinn Fein juggernaut is now rolling over freedom of conscience Belfast Telegraph
18 June 2018 The protest over Peter Robinson's professorship at Queen's was ludicrous Belfast Telegraph
17 June 2018 The plates may be moving, but who knows in which direction Sunday Independent
11 June 2018 Mooted alliance between Fine Gael and Sinn Fein would be an unholy one for Taoiseach Belfast Telegraph
4 June 2018 If there was to be another EU referendum, I'd vote Leave with even more gusto than 2016 Belfast Telegraph
3 June 2018 The voters must choose decency or barbarism Sunday Independent
28 May 2018 It's now time Belfast voters challenged the unholy alliance of Sinn Fein and the DUP Belfast Telegraph
27 May 2018 Ireland has shed its historic culture at a speed that amazes Daily Telegraph
23 May 2018 Jeremy Corbyn's statement on a 'united Ireland' is the latest in a long cavalcade of idiocies Daily Telegraph
21 May 2018 The Left must realise Israel has the right of self-defence against those out to destroy it Belfast Telegraph
21 May 2018 Republicans retreat into their miserabilist ghetto Sunday Independent
14 May 2018 Whether naive, or arrogant, Varadkar and Coveney are crossing the line on Northern Ireland affairs Belfast Telegraph
11 May 2018 What’s so illiberal about debating abortion? UnHerd
7 May 2018 ETA and the IRA had much in common - they did no good but they did a great deal of harm Belfast Telegraph
6 May 2018 McDonald keeps her balance on a dangerous high-wire act Sunday Independent
30 April 2018 The naive Leo Varadkar is being manipulated by the wily Michel Barnier Daily Telegraph
30 April 2018 When looking at the debate over the past Secretary of State, please ignore bad guys Belfast Telegraph
23 April 2018 Like the hard left of Labour, Sinn Fein have for years nursed a bitter streak of anti-Semitism Belfast Telegraph
22 April 2018 Not for nothing was Barbara Bush known as 'The Enforcer' Sunday Independent
16 April 2018 Sinn Fein is just a pimple on the bottom of history... its irrelevance is becoming clear Belfast Telegraph
12 April 2018 Why we'd all kill for a great crime novel Daily Mail
9 April 2018 Sinn Fein must be called out at all times for its breathtaking double standards Belfast Telegraph
8 April 2018 Macron has luck – but he chooses his friends and enemies with care Sunday Independent
2 April 2018 Brave little Co Fermanagh group punching above its weight in the fight for victims' rights Belfast Telegraph
26 March 2018 London service a fitting farewell to reformed IRA killer who made it his mission to decry terrorism Belfast Telegraph
25 March 2018 Two states celebrate Sean O'Callaghan Sunday Independent
24 March 2018 Cheers of the crowd drown out those who would do away with the monarchy Belfast Telegraph
14 March 2018 Why is the horrific Telford sex scandal getting less attention than #MeToo Reaction
12 March 2018 Barnardos's has done itself no favours at all by using Sinn Fein to support new campaign Belfast Telegraph
11 March 2018 Beware puppetmaster Martin Selmayr, who is now pulling the strings of Europe Sunday Independent
8 March 2018 Sean O'Callaghan: IRA killer turned police informer Reaction
5 March 2018 Stephen Nolan has got under Sinn Fein's skin, that's why the party is trying to silence him Belfast Telegraph
26 February 2018 Why I prefer to wait until the ink dries before I believe drafts, rumours and specultation Belfast Telegraph
25 February 2018 Why I think the Good Friday Agreement needs to be fixed Sunday Independent
21 February 2018 The week that proves NOTHING can knock the sanctimonious Left off the moral high ground Daily Mail
19 February 2018 Don't curry the yoghurt... learn the Irish language and beat cultural sectarianism Belfast Telegraph
15 February 2018 The collapse of power-sharing in Northern Ireland shows the Good Friday Agreement has outlived its use Daily Telegraph
12 February 2018 Freemasons do a lot of god and no harm... why can't the 'progressives' let them be? Belfast Telegraph
11 February 2018 No one in their right mind would ever envy Mary Lou Sunday Independent
7 February 2018 I'd have chained myself to the railings to win the vote. But pardoning suffragettes who broke the law is crazy Daily Mail
7 February 2018 Omagh fight for justice offers hope to families of Hyde Park victims Belfast Telegraph
5 February 2018 Is Sinn Fein so keen to rewrite history because it is ashamed of the party's squalid past? Belfast Telegraph
5 February 2018 Corbyn's been sucking up to IRA monsters for decades Daily Mail
29 January 2018 Cromwell and my dad have some wisdom to bestow on sanctimonious Alliance leader Belfast Telegraph
28 January 2018 Last Tango with Adams recalls a dance of death Sunday Independent
24 January 2018 Nicola Sturgeon is only flagging up her own failings Daily Telegraph
22 January 2018 Do party leaders have the grace to stand back and give victims a platform in West Tyrone? Belfast Telegraph
15 January 2018 Naive Alliance has become a Sinn Fein patsy in republican takeover of Belfast City Hall Belfast Telegraph
14 January 2018 Proportionate and appropriate, Mc McDonald? I don't think so Sunday Independent
8 January 2018 Kilclooney's tweeting can be tasteless, but McElduff has plumbed the depths Belfast Telegraph
7 January 2018 Sinn Fein is still trying to hawk evil role models to the young Sunday Independent
1 January 2018 Some expulsions would ensure a much happier Northern Ireland for us deserving folks this year Belfast Telegraph



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Extracts from REVIEWS of Ruth's latest non-fiction book:

Aftermath – the Omagh bomging and the families' pursuit of justice

"She is one of the most important contemporary writers on Ireland and this is compulsive reading... the entire work is an Irish masterpiece." 

"Dudley Edwards’ finely-researched book benefits from her own proximity to the events and her personal knowledge of the protagonists - the hitherto ordinary people - who took on the Real IRA in the courts, even though there was no precedent anywhere in the world for what they sought to achieve. For anyone interested in this chilling area of recent Irish history, Aftermath is recommended reading."
Sunday Business Post

"It is a remarkable and moving story, told in masterly fashion by Ruth Dudley Edwards. Her narrative grips from the start. It is as compelling as a thriller and displays the sympathetic imagination of a great novel... This is an extraordinary and uplifting story of how a group of ordinary people managed to get the justice they sought. It is beautifully told."

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