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Published by Gill & Macmillan

Publishers' blurb

James Connolly (1868-1916), the son of Irish immigrants, was born in Edinburgh. He came to Ireland in 1896 as paid organiser of the Dublin Socialist Club and founded The Workers' Republic, Ireland's first socialist newspaper. In 1911 he was appointed Belfast organiser of the Irish Transport and General Workers' Union.  

With James Larkin, Connolly led the workers of Dublin during the Great Lockout of 1913 and when Larkin went to the USA the following year, he assumed leadership of the union. His tiny Irish Citizen Army took part in the 1916 Rising, following which Connolly was executed.

This short book has established itself as one of the very best surveys of Connolly's life since it first appeared in the early 1980s. Its reappearance will be welcomed by all who remain fascinated by Connolly's life, especially its dialogue between socialism and nationalism.

'The men and women of your class - tell them their wrongs and yours -
Plant in their hearts that hatred deep that suffers and endures,
And treasuring up each deed of wrong, each scornful word and look,
Inscribe it in the memory, as others toil in a book
And wait and watch through toiling years the ripening of time,
Yet deem to strike before that hour were worse than folly - crime!'

The Legacy


Evening Herald

Irish Press

"It combines Dudley Edwards's ability as a gifted historian with her skill as a journalist to produce a hugely important and authoritative book that reads as compulsively as a thriller."
John Spain, Irish Independent

"A hurtling journey, often hilarious and sometimes monstrous, through newspapers, class, politics and sex; not just the double biography of two extraordinary men, but a sideways history of Britain in the fifties and sixties"
Andrew Marr

"The depth of her learning and the breadth of her sympathy, make this a compelling book, the product of genuine free thinking and spare, fine writing. Few books published this year will have the charm, learning, wisdom and humanity of The Faithful Tribe"
The Times

This is the help-manual I longed for when I was a young student of Irish history but eventually had to write myself. It’s still the reference book I use most often.’ 
Ruth Dudley Edwards


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